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Aunt Frances

Frances Owens is a witch and part of the Owens family/coven. Little is known about Frances but it is hinted that she was promiscious. She is a family oriented women and is shown to be a skilled witch.


Early LifeEdit

Little is known about her early life. Her mother and father are not shown or mentioned. She seems to be the more free spirited aunt, although Jet seems to be the same way. It seems as though the two sisters were very close. They are possibly also close with Regina, Sally and Gillian's mother. Frances and Jets relationship seems to be almost as strong as the bond between Sally and Gillian.


Although her love life is not the main story, there are some hints as to her romantic life. She obviously had many lovers including a man named Ethan, who is only mentioned once in reference to the curse and those men who die for loving them. There is no other mention of who she has dated or who she may have affairs with but it does seem that she has many lovers.


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